What’s on offer?

Lettuce Eat Healthy provide simple, fresh and wholesome food. From nature to us to you. We think that’s how simple it should be.

  • The Shop

    Conveniently situated on the main street in Peterhead, Scotland, we cater for walk-ins as well as offering a delivery service too.

    Pretty sweet eh... what’s not to like?

  • Lunches

    We can provide lunches direct to your office. Encouraging not only healthy eating, but engagement in the workplace as it stimulates conversation as your team sit down together.

    We like to think is a win grin situation every time!

  • Catering

    We offer a full catering service providing fresh healthy food direct to you and your guests. Simply tell us what you want, we will prepare it, deliver it and can even setup for you.

    We guess that means all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!

  • Sandwiches

    Our range of sandwiches can either be tailor made, or from our carefully selected menu which only has the finest of ingredients. Our aim is to be tasty as well as healthy so we leave you with the ultimate feeling good factor!

  • Soups

    Made onsite with only the best of local produce our aim is to provide our customers with a taste of something new… or to bring back a childhood memory with a reminder of something that granny would have made!

  • Salads

    Made from a selection of carefully chosen ingredients, our salads are anything but dull! As with any of our menu items, they can be either bespoke or from part of our range of daily goodness.

About the shop

We use food that comes fresh from the fields and home to our door and over the last 2 years we have met some brilliant suppliers who have helped us do this – to pardon the pun, lettuce be thankful!

Our range of sandwiches, soups, salads and spuds are prepared from scratch with care and integrity and we do it for everyone who enjoys wholesome great tasting food. Our kitchen in the shop is filled with organic fruit and vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts, flours… all the lovely things that go into making something yummy and healthy for you!

When we first opened, we had a simple idea of providing wholesome great tasting food that comes fresh from the fields and home to our door. From nature to us to you.

Since then we have now increased our service offering with the expansion of our team. This means we can now supply local businesses with lunches, provide onsite catering as well as maintaining the level of service our customer base has come to expect. At Lettuce Eat Healthy, we like to think our customers are smiling inside and out.

This is also something we aim to improve upon with extension of our premises where we will be providing afternoon teas, as well as some occasional evening entertainment sessions… all washed down with something naturally healthy of course!